Resources for General Practitioners

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Advanced Home Medicine Review referral system for item 900 ($154.80)


Newsletter for Home Medicine Review - great engagement tool


Video: 4 common misconceptions about Home Medicine Review, item 900

Most commonly missed Medicare item 4001

Recall procedure for Medinet

‘RED FLAG’ Medications that cause most of adverse medications events

Dealing with Medicare audit. Password protected – paid content.

Clinical software training. Medinet. watch instructional videos here

Medinet training. How to reduce time for Care Plan production. watch here

Ending therapeutic relationship with the patient (Q and A) read here


Medicare items CDM, Assessments and auxiliary (follow up guide -not a full training)


Buying or Selling an Australian medical practice read more here


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  1. RohitG RohitG
    October 20, 2016    

    Thank you. Can you talk more about Medicare audits, please?

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