Practice software training – Pracnet

Probably, the most unusual training video for medical admin software – a ‘blind walk-through’  a completely new software.

Pracnet – GP practice management software to replace Practice2000.

Hello and welcome to another HCNet PM training video. This video is rather unusual. I will take you through the journey around brand new practice software without a day of training for myself or having read a single page of the user manual.

Why do I do this? If I can navigate a brand new, unknown to me GP practice software, it will be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it is ‘user friendly’ and easy to introduce to your practice.

I have found out that Practice2000, admittedly one of the best practice management software for GPs in Australia, was replaced by Pracnet. Panic! Who likes change?

I am an expert user of clinical and practice management software. I know or worked with every major healthcare software in Australia.

A few important points I want to make before we start:
I have never seen a ready product called Pracnet before.
I have ordered a link to the trial version of Pracnet today. You can do it too via Pracnet website.
Pracnet developers do not pay me to promote their product.
I am regarded as a critic in the healthcare industry in Australia. I try the products and issue my opinion – bad or good.
I will record my journey through this software without reading a single page of their manual (a bit of a Homer Simpson moment, don’t you think?)

I admit that I do personally know programmers and senior management of Global Health- the owners of Pracnet. I also know senior management of many other healthcare businesses. I find them all great, interesting people to work with, however, I have no connection to them.

Pracnet training 1. How to search for a patient

Pracnet training 2. How to make and edit an appointment