A brief guide to any funny business with computers.

ProblemWhat to do.
You are seeing an email from unknown person that contains an attachment. Sometimes, the attachment will say ‘invoice’ or even being from the ‘Government’. STOP! Think. Ask others. If confirmed as suspicious – delete. Delete. Delete from Trash.
There is a message on the screen demanding money, saying that the computer is infected.Quickly pull the blue wire out of the back of the computer or from the data socket. Call IT and PM immediately
Computer ‘does not work’. Not starting when the button Power is pressed.Check all the cords – the one that goes to the powerpoint, especially. If comfortable, disconnect ALL the cords and wires going to the computer, press the power button a couple of times. Reconnect the wires and press the power button again. It is called cold reboot. If no success – call IT and PM.
Clinical Software comes up with errors and does not connect to the patient file.Close and Open. If no luck – call PM or IT.
No Internet but other things work well.Call PM without panicking.