Question from a GP-owner.

Quick question in regards to the SIPs. 

For the aged care service payments. 

Does the practitioner need to be part of an accredited GP clinic to get the payment? 

Or would this Dr get the SIP working from their own aged care? 

My commentary.

This question refers to a situation when a practice GP decides to run his or her parallel practice from home. They register a provider number for the home address. Then the GP processes billings for all patients not registered at the practice using a home-based provider number. This is not a very difficult setup. However, some issues must be addressed before one decides to bill Medicare from home. You can read more in the article: Billing Medicare from home via HPOS. Is it that simple?

The question refers to aged care SIP, or Service Incentive Payment for seeing patients at nursing homes. Some practices charge GPs 30% of that incentive, just like other billings.

This arrangement is reasonable because the Practice incurred costs to maintain the Accreditation.

The answer.

Yes, you are correct. To receive Aged Care SIP, GPs must be registered in the PIP at an approved PIP practice. To be registered for the PIP, the Practice must be Accredited.

GPs must use a Medicare provider number linked to that PIP practice.