Workshops and courses curriculum

Workshop. Care Plans items 721, 723, 732 – compliance and production.

The workshop is designed to walk through production and compliance with Care Plans. Discussion of engagement techniques. Dos and Don’ts.

Workshop. Overview of GP item numbers.

Walkthrough GP item numbers. A general explanation of use. Questions and answers. List of numbers covered: here

Free course. Introduction to Medicare compliance.

This free course is designed to equip the readers with knowledge of Medicare compliance. There is a little education available on this topic. Many GPs who experienced Medicare audits could have avoided this unpleasant experience if the knowledge of Medicare compliance was introduced earlier. here

Lecture: Dealing with Medicare Audit.

This lecture covers topics of an audit, why and how GPs get audited, what to do to minimise the audit’s risk, what to do to prepare for the audit, what to do and not to do if you are being audited. How to prepare a response to the audit. Please, note that I will not be able to prepare any response to the audit in this workshop. In this session, I can only explain what doctors should do in general. No handouts given, no filming allowed.

Activity: Quality control audit.

Would you like to know how you compare with others in Billings? Do you want to know an expert’s opinion of whether your items match Medicare requirements? Would you like to receive recommendations on how to correct inconsistencies? Please, contact me to find out more.

Workshop. Working with Practice Nurses. Maximising the output. Methods and practices.

This workshop is dedicated to the best utilisation of nurses in General Practice. Nurses can provide precious and cost-effective input into General Practice.

Workshop. Marketing for General Practice.

This workshop covers methods of attracting and retaining clientele in General Practice. Marketing for General Practice had never been an issue until recently. What to do with the website and social media? What is the most cost-effective method?

Care Plan templates. How to use these great tools. Package of 100+ templates and co-morbidity inserts provided upon completion.

I often receive a comment: ” Wow, with your templates, I can do Care Plans in a few minutes!” My answer is invariably the same: “Templates allow you to complete PAPERWORK for the Care Plan in a few minutes AND spend more time with the patient.”

The template’s objective is exactly that. Save time on paperwork and provide valuable health education and care management. Please, contact us for more information.