I am a Clinical Services Manager for 3 medical clinics in Melbourne. I have heard constant complaints from doctors about how cumbersome HMR process is and that the referrals are not picked up by pharmacists in a timely manner. The verdict was- that Home Medicine Reviews were not worth doing!

This was true until HMR Referrals platform was introduced.

  • HMR Referrals offered a much easier process of referrals and production of HMRs.
  • The referrals are picked up by pharmacists literally before our eyes due to the innovative system of arranging the pharmacist human resource; and
  • The icing on the cake was electronic Letter of Engagement for Care Plans that arrives straight into the doctor’s result box every time they issue a HMR Referral! This advanced the Care Planning and review of the Care Plans significantly.
The fact that we started doing a lot more HMR referrals (and bill more HMR Plans) has triggered GP’s interests in Chronic and Complex Disease Management overall, leading to an increase in use of CDM item numbers by almost 20%.



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