I would like to provide some background information on what is a Full-time equivalent in Australian General Practice (GP FTE).

There are two methods for calculating the GP FTE. 

One method is merely a convention between Practice managers. We look at the SWIPE and divide it by 1000. For example, if another PM or Clinical services director asks me about the size of the clinic, I would say: “Our SWIPE is around 3500”. Anyone involved in GP management would understand that I mean 3.5 FTE.

The second method is more formal and well documented in the paper by the Department of Health and Ageing. (Reference provided below)

According to this paper, 1 FTE GP is 1840 hours per year worked by a GP.

Reference: Method Paper: General Practice Full Time Equivalent (GPFTE) – Workforce https://hwd.health.gov.au/resources/information/methods-gp-full-time-equivalent.pdf  Method Paper General Practice Full Time Equivalent (GPFTE) – Workforce Version 1.1 Last updated February 2023. Last accessed 28/09/23.