Question: Good morning,
I am a student doctor, part of the committee advertising for the 2024 Asia Pacific Women’s Mental Health Conference. What are some advertisement/promotion methods for reaching out to GPs to promote this conference on an underdiagnosed issue?

Answer: How to Reach Out to General Practitioners in Australia for a Women’s Health Conference

Evidently, it is important to reach out to General Practitioners (GPs) to inform them about a women’s health conference. This effort focuses on public health, aiming to enhance the well-being of women across Australia. This is not an advertisement or product promotion but an important initiative to improve healthcare outcomes. Given its public health significance, this message is likely to be cooperated with and reshared, unlike purely commercial propositions that might be frowned upon.

Strategies to Reach GPs

1. Contact Primary Health Networks (PHNs)

PHNs are organizations established to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services for patients. They play a significant role in the healthcare system and can be instrumental in spreading the word about the conference.


PHNs have a broad reach and their endorsement can significantly boost awareness among GPs.

2. Fax Broadcast to Medical Practices

Fax broadcasting is an effective method of quickly reaching numerous medical practices. It involves sending a fax to a large number of recipients simultaneously.

Cost: Approximately $300.


  • Prepare a concise and informative fax about the conference.
  • Use a fax broadcasting service to distribute the message to medical practices.

3. Publish on GP-Frequented Websites

Websites like are commonly visited by GPs for information and updates.


  • Create a detailed and engaging article or announcement about the conference.
  • Submit the content to these websites for publication.
  • Consider reaching out to website administrators to highlight the public health importance of the event.

4. Partner with General Practice Training and Consulting Services

Organizations involved in GP training and consulting often send out regular communications to practices.


  • Identify key training and consulting organizations.
  • Request the inclusion of conference details in their weekly fax or email broadcasts.
  • Highlight the significance of the conference for public health to encourage their support.

5. Direct Mail to All GPs

Mailing information directly to all GPs can ensure that the conference details reach every individual practitioner. However, this method can be costly.

Cost: Potentially thousands of dollars.


  • Compile a comprehensive mailing list of all GPs in Australia.
  • Prepare professional and informative mail-out materials.
  • Use a reliable mailing service to distribute the information.

6. Reach Out to ACRRM and RACGP

The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) are key organizations in the medical community.


  • Contact ACRRM via their website.
  • Reach out to RACGP through their contact channels.
  • Request the inclusion of conference details in their newsletters.
  • Emphasize the public health impact of the conference to increase the likelihood of inclusion.

Using these strategies, you can effectively reach GPs across Australia to inform them about the women’s health conference. This initiative not only spreads awareness but also emphasizes the importance of women’s health in the broader context of public health. By leveraging the networks and communication channels used by GPs, you can ensure the message reaches a wide audience.