Suggested pathway for Nurse led Asthma Clinic.

An actuator is a must-have device for safe lung function test.

Most of the patients do not bring their reliever medication for the lung function test appointment. Some, do not have reliever medication, some, simply forget it at home.

How do nurses administer bronchodilator medication? Actuator is an answer.

MDI actuator for lung function test

Actuator is a plastic bit that can be used once for each individual patient with the same canister of Salbutamol (Ventolin, Asmol)

Where to buy an actuator? We have searched for every supplier in Australia and found none. Please, contact us if you need some.

CDM follow up procedure for Practice nurses at General Practices (item 10997)

Training curriculum (internal workshop) – CDM follow up 10997. (Practice Nurses and GPs)