Asthma Clinic – working document
Asthma Cycle of Care The Asthma Cycle of Care is a new approach to working with your GP to manage your asthma and replaces the Asthma 3+ Visit Plan.

It has been developed by asthma experts and is based on the latest knowledge about how to treat asthma most effectively. It has been shown that people who learn and understand more about their asthma, who actively talk to their doctor about their asthma, who have an Asthma Action Plan and who take medications correctly:

● Have better control over their asthma

● Experience fewer attacks

● Have fewer days off work/school due to their asthma This allows them to stay in the best of health at all times. The Asthma Cycle of Care is targeted towards people with moderate to severe asthma. One or more of the following criteria classifies moderate to severe asthma:

● Use of a reliever medication (blue puffer) more than three times per week; or

● Wheeze or a cough on most days or at night; or

● Often be short of breath; or

● Have frequent asthma attacks, or ● Sometimes go to a hospital with bad asthma attacks; or

● Are on a preventer medication

Please, click here to download PDF document: asthma-clinic-standard-pathway