Question: Can a GP bill Medicare twice in one day for the same patient?

Answer: Yes, a GP can bill the same patient twice on the same day if both attendances are reasonably spaced out in time and not being a continuation of the initial service.

Attendancies must be reasonably spaced out in time means that patient must come back for another issue. For example, a patient has finished with you a few minutes ago and now you see him in the waiting room. He is saying that he needs to address something else with you. You take him back to your room and address the issue. This is the continuation of the earlier consultation. You can add the times this patient attended you in the room and bill accordingly.

Another patient saw you in the morning for the blood pressure review. She called in the afternoon and asked to see you because she feels a sore throat. Yes, this is the second consultation on the day. You can bill two consultations according to the time spent. The Reception must notate the times of the attendance on the bill and write ‘second consultation on the day.

Always consult Medicare schedule descriptors at MBS Online.