Resources for those seeking employment in General Practice

Resume tips, tell your potential employer and prepare for a General Practice career.

I have been managing General Practices for nearly two decades. I have hired hundreds of people (and, sadly fired some) to be Medical Receptionists, Nurses, Practice Managers, Doctors and Allied Health Professionals.

To get hired for the position of a Medical Receptionist:

  • Please, do not send a lengthy resume with all your life achievements and a promise to be the most outstanding employee in the world. We rarely read further than a first paragraph. Instead:
  • Send a shortest possible resume with an ‘executive summary’ about yourself rights at the top. Explain in point form using short sentences what skills you have to succeed in your position. Example here.
  • If you do not have any medical reception experience, learn what you can yourself and let your potential employer know that you did that. Examples and resources here.

Wish you a great career,

Paul Soloviev

CEO, HCNet Practice Management

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