PDSA, or Plan-Do-Study-Act, represents a systematic method for enhancing processes and outcomes across various sectors, including general practice (GP). GP practices engaged in the Medicare Quality Improvement (QI) PIP Incentive are mandated to implement one PDSA per quarter, fostering a perpetual cycle of improvement.

If ideas run out, there’s a PDSA Library with free resources just for these places. Here are some examples:

  1. Making sure computers and technology help patients better – like making appointments easier.
  2. Helping patients with their medicines so they stay healthy and safe.
  3. Checking for infections or diseases regularly to keep everyone in the community healthy.
  4. Being friendly and understanding to people from different cultures so everyone feels comfortable.
  5. Figuring out what’s right and fair in tricky situations to make sure everyone is treated well.
  6. Keeping patient records organized and complete for better and faster healthcare.
  7. Explain things clearly to patients involved in accidents so they know what’s happening with their health.
  8. Using social media to talk about health checks, like for infections, to reach more people.
  9. Making quick summaries of a patient’s health information to share with other doctors easily.
  10. Encouraging everyone to get flu shots to prevent sickness in the community.
  11. Talk openly about issues like bladder problems and let people know there are ways to help.
  12. Checking for infections regularly to stop them from spreading in the community.

In short, PDSA helps doctor offices keep getting better in how they care for patients. The ideas in the library cover many different aspects of healthcare to make sure everyone gets the best care possible.

Great PDSA format template by SEMPHN here.