Case Study: Success in Marketing a Travel Vaccination Clinic

Introduction: This case study explores how a Mentone-based GP medical centre effectively marketed its travel vaccination services. The primary goal was securing the top position in Google search results for specific travel vaccination keywords within three months. Initially, the clinic offered these services only once a month, but through their marketing efforts, they now serve an average of 10 patients each week.

Methods and Strategies:

  1. Boosting Google Business Profile:
    • The clinic started by updating its Google Business profile to accurately showcase its new travel vaccination services. They included relevant keywords and essential information.
  2. Enriching Website Content:
    • To enhance online visibility and offer valuable insights to potential clients, the clinic created and published 24 articles dedicated to travel vaccinations on its website. These articles were organized thoughtfully, with five featured in the engaging ‘Did you know?’ section.
  3. Engaging Google Business Updates:
    • The clinic took a proactive approach, sharing over 20 updates on their Google Business profile, all focused on travel vaccinations. These updates served as a way to keep potential clients informed and engaged.
  4. Artwork and Keyword Integration:
    • The clinic designed authentic artwork, strategically coded with keywords related to travel vaccinations. This artwork was used across various digital assets to strengthen the clinic’s online presence.


The meticulously executed marketing campaign delivered exceptional results. The clinic now consistently ranks first in Google search results for the following keywords:

  • ‘Travel vaccine in Mentone’
  • ‘Travel vaccination in Mentone’
  • ‘Travel shots in Mentone’
  • ‘Travel vaccination clinic in Mentone’


This case study illustrates the power of creating relevant and informative content to secure a prominent SEO position in a specific locality. By optimising their Google Business profile, creating informative website content, actively posting updates, and strategically using keyword-integrated artwork, the clinic achieved its primary goal. This not only improved the clinic’s visibility but also substantially boosted the utilisation of their travel vaccination services, resulting in an average of 10 services provided per week.

In summary, this case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-structured and executed digital marketing campaign in achieving specific business objectives within a defined timeframe.

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