Goal:  Improve the recording of smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity to 95%.

Description of this change: AIM -Improved patient experience – safe care. Currently, 80% of patients have smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity recorded.

Person responsible: Clinical director

When to be done: August 2019


TaskPerson responsibleTimeframe
Broadcast requirements to the GPs.
Speak to doctors in person.
July 19

PredictionWhat you think will happen when the test is carried outMeasuresWhat will determine if the predictions are correct
GPs will improve the recording of the lifestyle risks
The recording will rise from 80 to 95%


What actually happened when you ran the test

Compliance improved. We passed accreditation.


Describe the measured results and how they compared to the predictions

Satisfied with the result.


Describe what modifications you’ll make for the next cycle based on what you’ve learned.

Re-enforce with the doctors. Include this topic in the orientation program.