PDSA. To raise awareness of treatment options available for urinary incontinence.


  • Objective: To raise awareness of treatment options available for urinary incontinence.
  • Goal: Increase patient inquiries about incontinence services.
  • Scope: All patients of the clinic.
  • Stakeholders: Healthcare providers, administrative staff, patients.
  • Action Plan:
    • Develop comprehensive information about urinary incontinence and its treatment options.
    • Create a dedicated section on the clinic’s website for incontinence-related information.
    • Populate the website section with informative articles, videos, and resources covering various aspects of incontinence, including causes, types, and available treatments.
    • Promote the new website section through various channels, including social media, email newsletters, and in-clinic posters.
    • Monitor and record patient inquiries about incontinence services.


  • Implement the action plan as outlined in the planning phase.
  • Create and curate high-quality content on urinary incontinence and treatment options.
  • Design and launch the dedicated website section.
  • Promote the new section through clinic communications and online platforms.
  • Track and document patient inquiries related to incontinence services.


  • Analyse the data collected during the implementation phase.
  • Evaluate the number of patient inquiries specifically related to incontinence services.
  • Compare the results to the baseline level of inquiries prior to the awareness campaign.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the website section in providing valuable information to patients.
  • Collect feedback from patients to gauge their perception of the clinic’s efforts to raise awareness.


  • Based on the findings from the study phase:
    • Determine whether the awareness campaign has led to an increase in patient inquiries about incontinence services.
    • Review the feedback received from patients and identify areas for improvement.
    • If the desired increase in inquiries has been achieved and patient feedback is positive, continue with the current approach.
    • If the desired increase has not been achieved or if there are suggestions for improvement, revise the action plan accordingly.
    • Maintain the dedicated website section with updated and relevant information on urinary incontinence.
    • Plan periodic reviews of the awareness campaign to ensure that the clinic continues to effectively raise awareness and meet patient needs.