There are four options offered as an answer to this question.

  1. Patient requested to switch to paper based claiming. That may happen because patient has no access to technology. It is a good practice to accomodate for patient’s request. However, this should be one off event because paper based operations are not productive and not environment friendly.
  2. Responding to complaints about electronic claiming by switching to manual/paper base doperations is counter-productive. The best practice is to respond to the complaints by fixing the problems and improving customer’s experience.
  3. Yes, this is true. Switching claiming channels may be a great improvement to productivity and quality of service. The providers of claiming channels (e.g. Medicare Easyclaim, Medicare Online, ECLIPSE and Webclaim) are constantly strive to improve their products. It is a common occurence that one claimng channel becomes more advanced that others. Hence, switching to a new channel is justified for the improved productivity and customer experience. ( I, personally, favour this answer)
  4. Thsi option is related to the option above. However, the change should not change just for the sake of change. The change should be justified by going to a better product.