This is a brief guide for GPs on Medicare item 4001. Non-directive Pregnancy Support Counselling Service – Medicare Item 4001 is worth $79.70.

The Pregnancy Support Counselling item is for:
· pregnant; or
· who has been pregnant in the 12 months.

Item 4001 can be billed three times per patient, per pregnancy.

What is Non-directive Pregnancy Support Counselling?
The service involves the GP undertaking a safe, confidential process that helps the patient explore concerns they have about a current pregnancy or a pregnancy
that occurred in the preceding 12 months. This includes providing, on request, unbiased, evidence-based information about all options and services available to
the patient. The concerns may be related to financial situation changes related to pregnancy, life outlook, availability of family support, perceptions of oneself and perceptions by others.

Minimum Requirements for billing Medicare item 4001?
This service may only be provided by a GP who has completed appropriate non-directive pregnancy counselling training. The training can be completed online, free of charge at gplearning. This activity does not take long and attracts RACGP CPD points.

Can item 4001 be billed with any other Medicare items?

Yes, item 4001 can be billed with other items e.g. 23, 721, 2715 provided that the rule for “billing for unrelated services” is satisfied.

Item 4001 attracts items 10990 or 10991 if patient is eligible.