Question: Can a patient access other allied health services using a Mental Health Treatment Plan?

Answer: Yes, indeed. Patients can access allied health services other than psychologists via Mental Health Treatment Plan (GP MHP).

There is a range of Medicare items for psychological services provided by various allied health professionals (AHP) as a result of the referral under GP MHP. Below are some Medicare items for AHPs other than psychologists who provide care under GP MHP referral:

80125 – Occupational Therapist

80135 – Occupational Therapist

80140 – Occupational Therapist

80150 – Social Worker

80155 – Social Worker

80160 – Social Worker

80165 – Social Worker

91173 – Occupational Therapist

91175 – Social Worker

91176 – Social Worker

91185 – Occupational Therapist

91186 – Occupational Therapist

91187 – Social Worker

91188 – Social Worker

Always check item number descriptions with MBS Online.

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