In Australia, you can order your own blood or urine tests directly from some pathology companies, but not all of them offer this option. For instance, Dorevich Pathology requires a doctor’s referral and doesn’t accept direct requests from patients. However, there are alternative services that enable patient-requested testing, known as Direct Access Pathology. One such option is iMEDICAL, available at

Direct Access Pathology, or patient-requested testing, allows individuals to take charge of their health concerns without needing a doctor’s referral. This means you can proactively monitor specific aspects of your health without unnecessary hurdles. It’s a convenient choice for those who want more involvement in their well-being.

Importantly, not all medical providers support patient-requested testing, so having options like iMEDICAL can be helpful. However, please keep in mind that the mention of this service here doesn’t constitute an endorsement or recommendation. It’s crucial to use such services carefully and always consult your general practitioner (GP) if you have health concerns.

Regarding potential conflicts of interest, it’s worth noting that General Practice Training and Consulting has no connection with iMEDICAL and doesn’t receive any fees or benefits from them. This ensures transparency and keeps the focus on your health and well-being.

In summary, you can order your own blood or urine tests in Australia through services like Direct Access Pathology, with iMEDICAL as an example. Nonetheless, it’s important to use these services wisely, understand their limitations, and consult your GP when needed. Your health is a top priority, and these services aim to make it more accessible to you.

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