Exploring Additional Non-Medicare Income for Your Practice

Healthcare practices and businesses continually seek ways to supplement their income. This pursuit often leads to various approaches, ranging from substantial investments in large projects to discovering effortless income sources. One option gaining attention is the notion of passive income, specifically through a ‘reverse commission’ system, exemplified by Social Good.

The Quest for Added Income:

Healthcare entities regularly grapple with challenges like increasing operational expenses and shifting regulations. The need for financial stability and expansion is a constant concern. Traditionally, they have relied heavily on Medicare reimbursements and insurance payments as their primary revenue sources. Nevertheless, diversifying income streams has become essential for long-term sustainability with the healthcare industry evolving.

The Emergence of Passive Income:

Passive income involves generating money with minimal ongoing effort. In the healthcare sector, where resources are often limited, passive income can offer a valuable financial boost. A novel way to attain passive income is through Social Good’s ‘reverse commission’ system.

How Social Good Operates:

Social Good has introduced a unique method for healthcare practices and organizations to earn extra income. When your healthcare practice or organization conducts transactions on platforms like eBay using Social Good’s referral link, you receive a portion of the commission generated from those transactions. Essentially, this allows you to earn money without significant additional work.

Benefits of Passive Income with Social Good:

  1. Effortless Earnings: The ‘reverse commission’ system is designed to be straightforward, requiring minimal additional effort.
  2. Income Diversification: By introducing passive income sources like Social Good, you decrease reliance on traditional income streams, enhancing your financial stability.
  3. Community Contribution: Social Good also distinguishes itself through its support for charitable causes. Every transaction made through their platform contributes to these efforts, enabling your practice to make a positive social impact while earning income.

An Example of Success:

Can my practice earn some additional non-Medicare income

Update 07.10.2023

Can my practice earn some additional non-Medicare income?

Consider how one healthcare organization earned over $6000 in a year using Social Good. Remarkably, Social Good didn’t request anything in return. They didn’t ask for purchases from their store or donations. They simply encourage you to continue your regular shopping using the link they provide, thereby earning passive income. It’s as simple as that.


In the pursuit of additional non-Medicare income, healthcare practices and organizations should explore new avenues. Passive income through a ‘reverse commission’ system with Social Good presents a simple, effective, and socially responsible approach. By incorporating such strategies, healthcare entities can secure their financial future while also making a meaningful societal contribution. You can visit this link to learn more about earning passive income with Social Good.

In a healthcare landscape characterized by constant change, embracing innovative opportunities is crucial to ensuring your practice or organisation’s continued success and growth.