Most of the employees use social media. They chat about the issues in their life and at work. That is where the problems could begin for you as a manager or the owner of the business.

It is not a secret that employees may express some unfavourable opinions about their employers and the businesses they work at. That causes some reputational damage.

There is something worse that might happen as well. Some employees, willingly or unwillingly divulge some sensitive commercial information. For example, one staff member at a medical practice posted the retainer conditions used by the practice for the doctors.

Naturally, you might consider dismissing that kind of employee. Unfortunately for you, it is not that simple. There was a legal ruling made in favour of that kind of employee in the past. The ruling said that the employee could not be dismissed because the business did not provide social media training and did not have a social media policy.

Here is the 5-minute free online course that every employee must complete and provide the Certificate to the Practice Manager.


Can this course be used by other industries? Yes, absolutely.

Here is a good example of the Social media policy

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