Buying or Selling an Australian medical practice

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Buying or Selling an Australian medical practice

Buying or Selling an Australian medical practice – your questions are answered here. There is a multitude of services – accounting firms, law and finance advisers that offer their insights into how to buy and sell a medical practice. I do not claim that my advice is better than theirs. It is different. I have been running, owning, buying, selling, establishing and troubleshooting Australian medical practices for decades now. I feel that I can share this experience with others from the perspective of the practice owner.

There is also a multitude of manuals and instructions trying to set out the rules of buying and selling general and other medical practices. Whilst those manuals are helpful in understanding the transaction of transferring the practice, they are becoming somewhat out of date with each new transaction. Please, let me to explain. Each new sale of practice brings something new into our understanding of the process. There are some new practices and processes that appear literally every week. How can one write up a manual that will appreciate the future?

In my view, any person intending to buy or sell a practice should make a good use of the manuals and templates offered. However, the process should continue into face-to-face consultation, where some features unique to your situation can be discussed.

You can submit a request for such consultation here . During the consultation we will discuss your individual situation, pricing schemes that are currently trending. Buying or selling the practice is a serious step, normally, without going back.


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