Question: Hi Paul, one of our doctors has been stuck in India due to a family situation. She has a lot of patients. Can she continue Telehealth from India using remote access to our clinical software?

Answer: That would make perfect sense, but, unfortunately, Medicare does not allow ‘extraterritorial’ billings. In other words, both doctor and the patient must be IN Australia to bill for Medicare. Sorry.

Please, see what the Medicare law says below:

Section 10 of the Health Insurance Act 1973 :

“(1)  Where, on or after 1 February 1984, medical expenses are incurred in respect of a professional service rendered in Australia to an eligible person, medicare benefit calculated in accordance with subsection (2) is payable, subject to and in accordance with this Act, in respect of that professional service.”


Health Insurance Act 1973, S10(1)

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