How to minimise the risk of being audited? (cont2.)

GP bills unusually high number of items 36 and 44 comparing to item 23.

What is unusually high? I have noticed that if GP bills more than 4 items 36 per each item 23, there is usually some attention from Medicare. I also observed that there has never been a problem where GP billed one item 36 per eight items 23. I do not know if there is any particular rule on that – this is purely my observation. 

Item 44 attracted attention from Medicare when was billed a few times a day.

These items certainly attract the attention of Medicare when billed together with Mental Health items on a regular basis. I am not saying that ‘unrelated’ items should never be billed, but they must not be systematic. 

We will talk about billing of ‘unrelated’ items a bit further.