Number of patients seen.

We have already discussed this earlier. The main points are:

  1. Never see 80 or more patients on 20 days within 12 months period!
  2. Try not to see a lot of patients in general. It is financially counterproductive and medico-legally dangerous. (There are ways to earn more by seeing fewer patients and providing excellent care at the same time)
  3. Working half a day and seeing 50 patients in that period will look odd.
  4. It will look even odder if a high proportion of your consultations are items 36 and 44 in that case. In other words – the appointment book must reflect the sum of the length of the consultations.
  5. Medicare does look into the times of the next patient’s file open. There is little point in keeping the files open to justify the consultation length. There are better ways to increase the earnings – watch my other workshops.