Consistently billing ‘favourite’ items in significant numbers.

Some GPs develop billing habits for certain services significantly more often than their colleagues in the area. 

Example 1: GP bills item 47915 INGROWING NAIL OF TOE, wedge resection for, with the removal of a segment of the nail, ungual fold and portion of the nail bed. ($144.10) 6 – 5 times per week. His colleagues in the area bill the same item once in 2 months. I am not saying that the items must not be billed. However, there must be a reasonable explanation why e.g. this GP has the area of interest – ingrown toenails and advertises for that.

Example 2: GP bills item 11700 – ECG 20 times a week. Others bill ECG 3 times a week. Medicare will question why. In passing, Medicare forbids screening, except for Australian Diabetes Risk etc. Billing for ECG without clinical reason is not permissible.