First response is the most important in dealing with the audit. How to produce the first response.

  • Must not be too formal. Must not be too long. Must include Introduction, itemised Body and a Conclusion. 
  • Introduction: 2-3 small paragraphs telling about yourself, your guiding principles in medicine.
  • Body. addressing all concerns one by one in separate sections. Concern – Relevant facts (your notes, relevant guidelines, evidence and testimony)- Application of facts to the situation – Conclusion.
  • Conclusion: paraphrasing the introduction in short AND letting Medicare know that you understand that you may have done something wrong, you regret that,  you took steps to prevent that from happening in the future (what steps?) Unless, of course, you are adamant that you did nothing wrong.
  • Produce all the requested documentation. Take your time and remember that there may be multiple sources of documentation requested.