The biggest challenge for every Practice Manager or General Practice owner is to find a doctor.

There are three sources of doctors for General Practice. First is word of mouth. Someone is recommending a doctor for your practice. This is the best, free and largely successful scenario.

The second is getting a doctor via an agency. The obvious downside of this route is the costs. The agency will ask you for money. Somehow the agencies must know that you are looking for a doctor. That leads us to the main topic of our discussion. How to advertise for a GP?

The third way of getting a GP is advertising.

Advertising on SEEK is ineffective and costs you around $350 per month.

Advertising on Google Business is slightly more effective than SEEK, but the results are miserable. Besides, it costs you around $20 a day to advertise in any way to be visible. I could say the same about advertising via Facebook.

Advertising on RACGP RecruitGP is the most effective and free if you can access it via an existing member.

Advertising on General Practice Training (GPTC) is not as effective as advertising via RecruitGP. However, there are hidden advantages there. GPTC is free. GPTC allows you to post a high-quality ‘follow’ link to your clinic’s website. Google will ‘see’ your site as important if you have a link from General Practice Training and Consulting. There is more about the promotion for your clinic’s website in the article: How do I put my clinic on the first page of Google?

GPTC GP ads work best for local GEO searches. For example, a doctor is looking for a job in a particular area.

Some practices offer recruitment incentives to their staff and doctors. They ask their staff to look for potential candidates.