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I have a question. Can we claim item 699 for patients with known CVD? The explanatory notes in MBS online are confusing.


Yes, the explanatory notes are confusing. 

In one part, it says:

” The intention of this item is to identify the cardiovascular disease (CVD) in people not known to have CVD.”

Yet, another part says:

“Item 699 will support patients with cardiovascular disease, or patients at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, to access the heart health assessment through a doctor in general practice.”

Common sense dictates that 699 should not be completed for people with an existing Care Plan for cardiovascular disease. I suppose that a reasonable assumption that the patient has atherosclerosis does not stop GPs from completing the 699. However, if the patient has IHD and a Care Plan has been developed for that, 699 would not be appropriate.