Questions from the client:

Q1. We quite often get queries from patients with chronic pain to do a referral to Physio only. The question is if there was a referral provided to say a Pharmacist for HMR (due to use of pain medication) or Optometrist for eye checkup, is it possible to provide all the 5 visits to an allied health such as Physiotherapist.

Yes, absolutely. All five may go to physio. The combination of collaborating providers may be physio 5+ pharmacist, physio 5 + Nurse-Health Educator, physio 5+ optometrist.

Q2. When doing an ATSI health assessment (Item 715) are we allowed to provide referrals to Allied health as we do in TCA (723) ? Or can we only provide the referrals to allied health, while doing a care plan only? even if it is an ATSI patient.

Answer 2. No, the only referral that can be made as a result of 715 is to a lifestyle modification program if the patient is found at risk of Diabetes 2.

CDM referrals to Allied health are made as a result of 721+723.

Q3. With item 4001 Pregnancy support counselling. Can this item be claimed only for Mental health support type services?

Answer 3. Not at all. In fact, my understanding is that item 4001 is more about life questions rather than mental health issues. The training at gplearning explains that that very well.


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