Care Plans, Assessments, Mental Health Plans – how many is too many?

There are no guidelines exist in regards to how many Chronic Disease items GP should bill. 

Various sources of statistics state that 20 – 30% of Australians suffer from chronic conditions. We can also see from the attendance statistics of an average clinic that chronically ill patients see GP 10-12 times a year. We can also see the chronic and complex patients take approximately 80% of GP appointments. 

If we provide services to all chronically ill patients, we would bill 721, 723 once a year or in 2 years, 732 x 4-6 times a year, 900, 11506 etc. 40% of attendances by chronically ill patients are not consultations. 

All of the statistics and observations above lead us to a conclusion that an average GP would have 40% items on any day as non-consultation items. (721, 723, 732, 900, 2717, 2712, 2713 etc)

Every 6th consultation with GP is primarily for mental health related issue.  

The number of patients with chronic and mental conditions vary from area to area, mainly, depending on the socio-economic status of the local population. That is why it is important to know your area and look at your work from a Population Health perspective. (RACGP guidelines ask you to do exactly that)


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